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Are You Cleared Yet?

When it is time for us to go and leave the company we work at, we must leave everything behind, including that highlighter and computer mouse. Employers usually have accountability forms and acknowledgment forms filed in the employee’s 201 File. For a smooth separation from the company, here is a basic checklist to start with clearing your files and desk, and the department or personnel in charge of your clearance.

Superior and Manager

  • Work-related Files (Data Gathered, Reports, Records)
  • Pending Projects (Status)
  • Client List and Contact Numbers
  • Company Calling Cards


  • Company ID
  • Health Card
  • Items for claiming of other benefits
  • HR System Access
  • Training Bonds

General Affairs/Admin

  • Equipment
  • Gadgets
  • Office Supplies
  • Vehicles


  • Computer-related Equipment
  • Company Email


  • Cash Advances
  • Purchases
  • Cash Shortages


  • Loan
  • Salary Advances
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