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Our HR Solutions

Our HR Solutions

Enhance the way you manage and improve your workforce with our 360 degree HR consultancy services.

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People-Focused Model

People-Focused Model

Called the PHASES program, we can engage in various states of people management whether it's Sourcing, On-boarding, Retaining and Moving.

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HR Search

HR Search

Looking for the perfect job fit? Click here to connect with employers that best suit your qualifications.

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HR Toolbox

The Go-To People

Congratulations! You hired another talent. After signing the contract, submitting the requirements, undergoing an orientation and touring the office, she

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  • Work hard for your dream because God will give what your heart desires... at the right time

    Roman R. Santos, CPA , HDI

  • I got interested in HDI’s internship program on our first day of briefing and as we toured on different HDI subsidiaries. I told myself that it will be the best stepping stone for my career. During my internship days, I saw the future of HDI, unscaleable and bright and I told myself that I want to be part of its success. I also told myself that if ever I will start my career, HDI will be my first.

    John Louell Atienza, , former intern, now an Online Trading Helpdesk Support for HDI Securities

  • The internship program of HDI is one of the best experience I ever had. They don’t spoon feed knowledge which developed my critical thinking skills. Because of the internship program of HDI, I’m ready and equipped of knowledge to start an IT career. For those students in search of intensive training, HDI internship program could be one of the best.

    Kutter Kim Sante, former intern, now Technical Support Staff for HDI System Technologies, Inc.


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HR Solutions

HR Solution

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